Overview of best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements and business opportunities.
Last Published: 5/15/2019
Chad’s ongoing development presents opportunities for medium and large-scale projects in oil exploration, mining, road and building construction, livestock, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and electric power generation and distribution.

There are also opportunities in niche markets, including natural products such as gum arabic, shea butter, spirulina, and moringa, as well as opportunities to develop value-added products, such as meat products and other processed agricultural goods. 

The Government of Chad’s  Investment Charter offers investment incentives to foreign companies establishing operations in Chad, including tax-free status for up to five years.  In addition, the Government of Chad’s National Investment and Exporting Agency (ANIE) has a “one-stop-shop” (Guichet Unique) for registering international and national businesses.   The Chadian Chamber of Commerce (CCIAMA) wrote a ‘white paper’ for the October 2018  ‘week of economic relaunching’ that put it succinctly:  Chad needs to become a country “where investors want to invest.”  The paper specifically advocated for an improved business climate, including a justice system that prohibits corruption and promotes accountability. 

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Chad Trade Development and Promotion