Here you can find tools and resources to help your business overcome common challenges in the cross-border ecommerce sales channels, such as website optimization tools, exporting APIs, and intellectual property APIs for your business website.
Last Published: 10/22/2018

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eCommerce Resources & Tools:

  • Website Development Resource Guide- A 50-state listing of website developers listed with services, specialties, and rates.
  • Overseas Duties & Taxes- CUSTOMS Info is offering free access to Global Tariff information for users of Export.Gov.  Users of this free service can lookup country Tariff information for shipments originating in the United States.  Users are required to register for access to this free service.
  • Useful eCommerce Website Tools- Free, or "freemium" online tools for optimizing your website (SEO, APIs, Search Engine, etc.) 

    Exporting API Tools for Your Website  

    • Consolidated Screening List API- The Consolidated Screening List API consolidates eleven export screening lists of the Departments of Commerce, State and the Treasury into a single data feed as an aid to industry in conducting electronic screens of potential parties to regulated transactions.
    • FTA Tariff Rates API- The FTA Tariff Rates API provides data about each country with whom the United States has a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). When the U.S. enters into an FTA with a foreign government, it negotiates lower tariff rates with that government for a wide variety of products. 
    • De Minimis API-  “De Minimis” is the threshold for a product’s value below which no duty or tariff is charged. Furthermore, products below the De Minimis undergo minimal clearance procedures, such as customs and paperwork requirements. Similarly, the value of the exported products must exceed the VAT amount before it is subject to VAT.
    • The Data Services Platform from the International Trade Administration (ITA) provides direct access to authoritative information on U.S. exporting and international trade via standard APIs. ITA has built the platform to be the central source for exporting data important to small and medium sized U.S. businesses.

    Intellectual Property (IPR) and Patent API Tools for Your Website

    • Bulk Search and Download- Bulk data search and download API exposes an API to search published patent grants and applications across various fields, and to request a custom zip package for the given patent or application ids. Download up to 100 application numbers at a time. Wait time can vary based on the number of requests being processed.
    • Patents View- The PatentsView API is intended to inspire the exploration and enhanced understanding of US intellectual property (IP) and innovation systems. The database driving the API is regularly updated and integrates the best available tools for inventor disambiguation and data quality control.
    • Patent Examination Data System- Patent Examination Data System lets customers retrieve and download multiple records of USPTO patent application or patent filing status at no cost. PEDS contains the bibliographic, published document and patent term extension data tabs in Public PAIR from 1981 to present. There is also some data dating back to 1935. Customers can download the entire dataset containing the data for all indexed documents.

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