Describes how widely e-Commerce is used, the primary sectors that sell through e-commerce, and how much product/service in each sector is sold through e-commerce versus brick-and-mortar retail. Includes what a company needs to know to take advantage of e-commerce in the local market and, reputable, prominent B2B websites.
Last Published: 7/10/2017

In 2000, Brunei enacted a commercial code for electronic transactions. The Electronic Transactions Act (Chapter 196) is based on the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Model Law on Electronic Commerce and the Singapore Electronic Transactions Act. The Singapore Act draws heavily from the U.S. Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and aims to encourage business and consumer confidence in e-commerce and provide legal protection for both the buyer and seller.

The Brunei AITI is responsible for promoting e-business opportunities under both the country’s 2000 Electric Transactions Order and its E-Business and Market Creation Unit.

Current Market Trends
As Bruneians have gained increased access to mobile and internet capabilities, e-commerce has grown in popularity.  E-commerce, however, is still largely concentrated in the tourism sector. Royal Brunei Airlines, the national air carrier, provides an online reservation system. Numerous hotels also provide e-booking services, some of which are contracted through business-to-business e-payment services located outside of Brunei.

Domestic e-Commerce (B2C)
E-commerce is new domestically as Brunei entrepreneurs experiment with selling via social media and websites. A number of businesses in the food and beverage industry perform well in comparison to retail businesses where Bruneians still prefer to personnaly inspect items.

Cross-Border e-Commerce
An increase in online shopping was seen in the last few years as global websites such as Amazon and eBay, even from those from neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia offer direct shipment to Brunei.

B2B e-Commerce
As many local e-commerce platforms are still in its domestic trial stage, one local e-commerce platform, Cube Junction recently signed an agreement with Hong Kong e-commerce and logistics company AFL Logistics, to become a strategic transshipment hub for air cargo in the region.

e-Commerce Services
With the small market, e-commerce services provided in Brunei is limited to mainly travel bookings and food delivery.  

e-Commerce Intellectual Property Rights
E-commerce companies and businesses are advised to have their products and services patented or trademarked with BruIPO as stated in Protecting Intellectual Property.

Popular e-Commerce Sites
Royal Brunei Airlines

Online Payment
Foreign and local banks in Brunei offers secure payment gateways, bank transfer services and a range of globally accepted debit/credit cards which can be used for secured online transactions.

Mobile e-Commerce
In the past few years, the Brunei government and private companies has ventured into  developing apps to provide its clients with mobile convenience. Currently, this is seen to be very popular with service providers such as banks.

Digital Marketing
Despite the strong utilization of traditional marketing channels such as radio, billboards and brochures, Brunei private companies have also use digital marketing channels such as social media, text message blasts and online billboards to reach their potential market.

Major Buying Holidays
The major buying holidays in Brunei are during the Chinese New Year and Hari Raya seasons.

Social Media
Brunei has the third highest social media penetration in the world with 86% of the total population, according to the new Digital in 2017 We Are Social Global Overview report. Facebook and Instagram are frequently used as digital marketing channels.

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