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Last Published: 7/5/2017

(A passport and visa are required for U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil for any purpose.)
There are no "airport visas," and immigration authorities will refuse entry to Brazil to anyone not possessing a valid visa. All Brazilian visas, regardless of the length of validity, must initially be used within 90 days of the issuance date or will no longer be valid. The U.S. Government cannot assist travelers who arrive in Brazil without proper documentation.
Minors (under 18) traveling alone, with one parent, or with a third party, must present written authorization by the absent parent(s) or legal guardian specifically granting permission to travel alone, with one parent, or with a third party. The authorization (in Portuguese) must be notarized and then authenticated by the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate.

If you are entering the country with a U.S. diplomatic or official passport you must apply for a Brazilian visa before entering Brazil. Travelers must also apply for a Brazilian visa if they are traveling on a regular (tourist) passport for reasons other than tourism. Questions should be directed to the nearest Brazilian Consulate or Embassy outside of Brazil, or in Brazil, the consular division of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.

For current entry and customs requirements for Brazil, travelers may contact the Brazilian Embassy.

Travelers may also contact Brazilian consulates in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, or San Francisco. Link contains addresses, phone numbers, website, e-mail addresses and jurisdictions of these consulates.

U.S. companies that require travel of foreign businesspersons to the United States should be advised that visa adjudications are handled via an interagency process. Visa applicants should go to the following links:
State Department Visa Website.

Visa information - U.S. Embassy in Brazil.

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