Provides general information on best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements and business opportunities. To the extent practicable, these should be correlated to the forthcoming Top Market reports. See para X for further information.
Last Published: 6/29/2017


  • Since President Temer took office, his Investment Partnership Program (PPI) has announced a combination of road, rail, ports, airports, municipal water treatment, electricity transmission and distribution, and oil and gas concessions estimated to value US$14 billion (using minimal tender values).

  • The new concessions will have less access to state bank financing than previous projects, with bidders expected to use private financing and debentures as well.Defense

  • Brazil's 2017 budget proposal for the defense sector is approximately US$30.3 billion. According to the Minister of Defense, programs such as the Submarines Development Program (PROSUB), the Navy Nuclear Program (PNM), the Guarani, SISFRON, FX2 and KC-390 are essential projects for the Brazilian Military. Digital Economy

  • E-Commerce has grown in Brazil by more than 20 percent over the past three years.

  • Brazil has the second largest electronic gaming market in Latin America and it is expected to grow 13.5 percent to US$ 844 million by 2018. Social media is a major driver for this sector, and online games are tremendously popular.Healthcare

  • The government of Brazil is investing heavily in the implementation of electronic medical records. Through the end of 2016, only 28 percent of this process was complete.

  • A second health priority is the control of mosquito-borne illness including dengue, malaria, zika, and other diseases. In 2016, spending on malaria control totaled US$4 million, however, another US$40 million was invested in diagnostic tests for the zika virus. There were also educational campaigns to combat mosquitos. In early 2017, an outbreak of yellow fever is leading to increased spending to control that disease. 
    Other promising areas for U.S. exports and investment include:

  • Agriculture

  • Aircraft and Parts

  • Chemicals

  • Computer Hardware

  • Education

  • Electrical Power Systems

  • Environmental Technologies

  • Franchising

  • Healthcare

  • Mining Equipment

  • Nuclear

  • Oil & Gas

  • Personal Care/Fragrances/Cosmetics

  • Renewable Energy

  • Safety & Security

  • Travel & Tourism

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