Includes steps involved in establishing a local office.
Last Published: 6/29/2017

Investment options in Brazil include setting up a company or acquiring an existing entity in country. Based on the World Bank Doing Business Project’s measurements, starting a business in 2017 will take 79 days, down from 120 days in 2012.

Setting up a new company has become increasingly easier, partly because the Brazilian government implemented an online portal for business licenses. The time required to open a company is also related to the city where the company will be established, and what type of company will be opened. For example, a SIMPLES (simple) category refers to a company that requires environmental and other licenses. A SIMPLES (simple) company can be opened in approximately 40 days or within 5 days in the city of Sao Paulo if the company does not require any additional licenses.

The Central Bank closely monitors acquisitions of existing companies. Corporations (“sociedades anônimas”) and limited liability companies (“limitadas”) are relatively easy to establish. Brazilian law requires that foreign capital be registered with the Central Bank. Failure to comply may cause serious foreign exchange losses, as well as problems with capital repatriation or profit remittance. More information for potential investors can be found on the website for Brazil’s Ministry of External Relations.
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