A brief overview of what exporters should look for in assessing whether or not they are ready to start online transactions. This information is taken from "A Basic Guide to Exporting" provided by the U.S. Commercial Service to assist U.S. companies in exporting.
Last Published: 10/20/2016
Assessing your company's readiness to go online?

Companies who want a web presence must determine whether they have the information technology (IT) solutions needed to execute their online objectives. IT embodies a range of computer systems and software applications for managing websites and other technological resources. And with the rise in cyber attacks on government and corporate sites, investing in security technologies will help protect you and your customers from downtime and identify theft.

An IT assessment should answer questions such as:
  • What are your company’s current IT needs? Are they currently met? What are the plans for additional IT investment to upgrade existing systems?
  • What business applications are best suited to move online for B2B or B2C e-commerce?
  • Have you done a cost-benefit analysis of all possible projects involving IT?
  • Have you identified current and future security issues, and do you have an action plan for correcting problems?