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Last Published: 2/22/2017
Medical Technology Industry Statistics - Argentina
Statistics were based on following Mercosur HS Codes:; 8413.91.90.2; 84.73.3099.910x;; 90.11.10;;; 90.12.90; 90.18.10; 90.18.20; 90.18.30; 90.18.40; 90.18.50; 90.18.90; 90.19.20; 90.22.10; 90.22.20; 9022.30; 90.22.90;
Total Market Size = (Total Local Production + Total Imports) – (Total Exports)

Data Sources:
Total Local Production: Unofficial estimates based on industry reports
Total Exports: Nosis/Exi-Net export/import database
Total Imports: Nosis/Exi-Net export/import database
Imports from U.S.: Nosis/Exi-Net export/import database
2014 market share:  
United States: 24.5%;
China: 16.6%;
Germany: 13.4%;
Japan: 7.5%;
Mexico 5.5%
Imports dominate the Argentine medical equipment and device market; they traditionally account for around 70 percent of the total market. The United States continues to be the leading supplier of imported medical products and currently holds almost 25 percent market share, particularly in high-technology products. Imports from the U.S. in 2014 grew 5.4 percent; they had previously decreased in 2013. Imports from the U.S. have been growing throughout 2013 and 2014.  During the first quarter of 2015, total imports amounted to $108.2 million, with imports from the US accounting for $23.3 millionWhile total imports in 2015 are expected to keep similar levels as those of 2014, imports from the U.S. may continue to grow more than total imports in 2015 and beyond.
All imports of medical products must be performed by an importer registered with the ANMAT (the Argentine equivalent to the FDA) as a frequent importer of medical equipment.
Sub-Sector Best Prospects
Opportunities for U.S. exports in this sector include middle- and high-end technology products that do not compete with locally manufactured ones, among which are electro- diagnostic equipment, ultrasound equipment, and other medical devices. There may also be potential in the market for implants, stents, cardiac valves, pacemakers, 
specialized catheters and cannulas, and other specialized disposables.  Among these products, the largest exports of U.S. products in 2014 were in the following HS Codes categories in 2014:  9018.90.99.190, 9018.39.29.900, 9018.50.90.100L.
Medical technology and products developed and produced in the United Sates are highly regarded in Argentina. Medical products that cannot be manufactured locally continue to present opportunities for U.S. exporters, particularly when offering high quality products
at competitive prices.  In any case, product potential and appropriate timing to enter the market should be determined on a case-by-case basis.
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