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Last Published: 2/22/2017

Economic Statistics - Electronic Security Equipment Industry - Argentina
Total Market Size = (Total Local Production + Total Imports) – (Total Exports)

Data Sources:
The above statistics are official statistics based on Argentine Customs data while Total Market Size and Local Production are estimates based on industry sources.
According to the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Security (CASEL) in 2014, the Argentine electronic security sector market was valued at approximately $980 million dollars, making it a large and growing sector for U.S. firms, especially in electronic security-related products, equipment, and services.
Despite the economic challenges facing the Argentine economy, the electronic security sector grew 18 percent in 2014.  Local industry analysts project growth of 22 to 32 percent in 2015. This increase is largely attributed to rising crime, high levels of perceived insecurity, and the increased priority of improving workplace safety.  This expansion has been seen in all sub-sectors of products and services of electronic security, especially for monitoring, CCTV over IP, intrusion control and law enforcement equipment. Together these products total over 80 percent of electronic security imports to Argentina.
As a result, the hi-tech security equipment market presents the greatest opportunities for U.S. companies. The greatest potential for growth lies in applications such as online digital video surveillance and intelligent software, especially systems with capabilities such as pausing, zooming, identification of specific objects and persons through facial recognition, and thermal and night vision features.
2015 Sector Highlights:

  • Important investments in device research and updating.
  • Constant growth as a result of ongoing technological development and greater awareness of the relationship between ICT and Electronic Security.
  • Increasing development and specialization per product or service offered.
  • Argentina’s outstanding human and technical resources in the security area.
  • In the coming years, market growth is expected due to the emergence of new technologies and better access possibilities for companies and users.  Significant growth of economic activity segments with strong demand for security equipment, such as mining companies, oil companies, airports, as well as the development of intelligent buildings, urban monitoring, and new regulations in the banking sector and stadiums (ex: large soccer fields ) provide growth opportunities for high technology security equipment.

Sub-Sector Best Prospects     

The hi-tech security equipment market presents more opportunities for U.S. companies with major growth in niche areas such as CCTV, access control equipment on IP networks, and safety and security design consulting services for large buildings and other real estate developments like gated communities in the Provinces.
Best sales prospects for U.S. electronic security firms include:

  • Intelligent Surveillance Systems: smart cameras and intelligent software for identification of pedestrians; CCTV on IP networks-industry specific security systems; equipment parts and software for automotive, banking, airports, ports, warehouses, mines, highways, utilities, hospitals, and construction sites.
  • Access Control: biometrics on IP networks
  • High-tech security equipment for Police and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Safety and security design consulting services.

Market growth in recent years reflects the rising crime rate in Argentina. Acts of violence, including street crime, bank robberies, and private property theft, have been on the rise. While Argentina’s crime rate is lower than in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela, crime is an issue that the media have emphasized.  The widespread perception of growing insecurity, along with the increasing priority of improving workplace security, has contributed to the growth of the electronic security sector in Argentina.
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