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Last Published: 3/15/2019

Percentage of population under 24 years old: 39.08%
Number of mobile students abroad: 82,160

Educational exchange is a cornerstone of the U.S. bilateral relationship with Vietnam as a top prospect opportunity for U.S. educational institutions. 

The number of Vietnamese students in the United States has increased consistently for 17 straight years, according to the Institute of International Education’s (IIE) annual “Open Doors” Report. The report for the 2017-2018 academic year (AY) shows that Vietnam remains the sixth leading country of origin for all international students in the United States, with 24,325 students, up 1,887 students since last AY 2016-17, an 8.4 percent increase. Vietnamese students contribute $881,000,000 to the U.S. economy.

Of the 24,325 Vietnamese students in the United States, 69.6 percent were undergraduates, 15.2 percent were graduate level students, 8.6 percent enrolled in Optional Practical Training (OPT), and the remaining 6.6 percent were pursuing non-degree programs.  

Leading Sub-Sectors
Engineering, Business and Management, and Math and Computer Science remain the top selected fields of study by international students in AY2017-18.  Math and Computer Science were the fastest growing fields of study with an increase of 11.3 percent from AY 2016-17, followed by Legal Studies and Law Enforcement with an increase of 10.4 percent from AY 2016-17.  The top 10 states for international students include California, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. 

4-year Degree University Study: More Vietnamese students are pursuing 4-year programs at universities. Business management, banking and finance, engineering, science and technology, and IT programs are often their top choices. 

Community Colleges: Community colleges offer financial and academic accessibility, serve as a bridge for Vietnamese students to acclimate to the English language and American culture, and the U.S. educational system as well as a transition point to a four-year university. Vietnam is the 2nd largest country of origin for students at U.S. community colleges. 

High Schools/Boarding Schools: Recently, there is growing interest among Vietnamese families in sending their children to the U.S. to enroll in high school/boarding schools to better prepare them for a U.S. college education.  In addition, parents in Vietnam cite their desire for providing a safe, comfortable environment for their kids as a primary criterion for selecting boarding schools. 

As President Trump noted in his speech at the APEC CEO Summit, “Vietnamese students rank among the best students in the world, and that is very impressive.”  Education remains a cornerstone of the United States-Vietnam bilateral relationship. 

There are several education fairs in Vietnam annually, including events organized by Education USA. The Education USA fairs seem to be the largest and most-attended events of their kind in Vietnam. For more information, please visit

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