Provides information on any manufacturing sectors or services where only citizens or a sub-set of the population in that country are allowed to own or sell.
Last Published: 7/22/2019
The newly developed Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal ( is a one-stop point for information relating to import into and export from Sri Lanka. Implemented by the Department of Commerce, the portal provides an accessible, logical, helpful gateway for traders to access important regulatory and procedural information needed to export, import and transit. The initiative is also in line with the government's commitment to the requirements of World Trade Organization to comply with Article 1 of the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

A previous ban on beef and pork imports from the United States has been lifted.  Imports of beef and pork are now permitted for special purposes including for use in the tourism and hospitality industries.  Sri Lanka reserves the right to prohibit genetically modified (GM) agricultural commodities.

The importation of drugs is subject to the approval of the Drugs and Cosmetic Devices Committee of the Ministry of Health.  In October 2016, the Government of Sri Lanka issued regulations setting maximum retail prices for 48 medicinal product formulations, which would be effective for two years.  The price control applies to all branded and generic versions of drug-formulations in the schedule.  Medical device registration is a cumbersome process and can take anywhere from six months to two years to obtain.  Furthermore, in the event a foreign principal wants to discontinue services of a local agent, the foreign principal must convince the existing agent to provide a no-objection letter.  Without this no-objection letter, the foreign principal cannot appoint a new representative/agent.

The Ministry of Defense controls the import of firearms and ammunition for use by the armed forces, police, and civil security.  Certain military-related or dual-use items are prohibited or controlled.  Radars, night-vision devices, beta lights, armored vehicles, explosion-detection equipment, digital-jamming equipment, infrared illuminators, GPS equipment, and laser designators are prohibited.  Imports of laser/radar range finders and thermal-image devices are subject to Ministry of Defense approval.  Remote-controlled toys are also under license control for public security reasons.  There are restrictions on the import of toxic and hazardous chemicals and pesticides.  Used and reconditioned air conditioners and refrigerators are under license control for environmental protection.

For additional descriptions of import barriers, please visit the Customs, Regulations & Standards Section.
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