Overview of the different labeling and marking requirements, including any restrictive advertising or labeling practices and where to get more information.
Last Published: 7/22/2019
All labeling of packages should be in large bold lettering in indelible ink or paint.  For container cargo, the weight, center of gravity, and sling or grab points, may be marked to encourage careful handling.  Goods shipped to Sri Lanka should be well-packed in order to withstand heat, humidity, rough handling, and pilferage.  Shipping marks should show consignee order number and port of entry.

Food labeling:  Government food-labeling regulations require that food products cannot be sold, offered for sale, transported, or advertised unless labeled in accordance with these regulations.  Detailed instructions of these regulations can be found in the government Gazette No. 1323/2 of January 12, 2004.

Genetically Modified Food (GMO) labeling:  In January 2007, the Ministry of Health implemented a regulation for mandatory labeling of genetically modified food.  

Soft drinks:  The government published regulations cited as the Food (Color Coding for Sugar levels) Regulations 2016, which required labeling of carbonated beverages, ready to serve drinks other than milk based products and fruit juices.  The labels need to display a numerical description of the sugar content, a description of the relative sugar level and a color code. 
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