This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Includes a market overview and trade data.
Last Published: 12/1/2016
Capital:       Abuja
Population: 183 million
GDP:          $ 490.2 billion
World ranking: 143
Currency:   Naira (NGN)
Language:  English (official), Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo (Ibo),
Fulani, over 500 additional indigenous languages
Nigeria is a growth market for U.S. security equipment and services. Over the past year, Nigeria has faced an unprecedented surge of security challenges including suicide bombing and highly coordinated attacks by different armed groups suspected to be affiliated with transnational terrorist networks. These attacks especially in Northern Nigeria and the growing incidences of kidnapping for ransom in the South, particularly in the South East and South (Niger Delta Region) are fueling demand for various security equipment and professional services.
According to industry experts and market analysts, what Nigeria needs most is security equipment manufacturers and exporters who have experience working in volatile region such as the Middle East where incidents of suicide bombing, invasion of communities and kidnapping have become daily occurrences. Currently, Nigeria is a net importer of   high-precision security  equipment.  Its security agencies, especially the Police Force, lack the necessary skills, experience and tools to deal effectively with the rapidly growing challenges of providing national security including enforcement of law and order across the country.
The best way for U.S. manufacturers and suppliers of security equipment to enter Nigerian market is to combine the benefits of the network services and programs  of   U.S.  Department  of   Commerce  Export  Assistance  Centers (USEACs)   with the extensive knowledge, industry contacts and services of the U.S. Commercial Service at the U.S. Consulate General in Lagos, Nigeria ( We encourage seeking the assistance of a USEAC before exploring an opportunity in this market. For establishing a presence in Nigeria, we recommend that U.S. firms use an agent/distributor relationship with a locally registered company.
Terms and conditions must be fully defined upfront. Understanding the local laws and regulations are also very important.
Security equipment like CCTV, metal detectors and walk-through scanners are products that companies, religious organizations and individuals purchase in large quantities, particularly from U.S. companiesSeveral security companies from the United States have found in Nigeria market, a huge opportunity by opening offices and also working with local representatives they have selected using the U.S. Commercial Service in Nigeria as well as during one-on-one meetings with some Nigeria delegations that have attended security conferences and seminars in the United States, as well as executive led trade missions to Nigeria.
Companies from Israel and China are the biggest competitors in this sector in the Nigerian market.  However, because of quality of their products, U.S. origin companies still have the competitive advantage with the control of over 60% of the market leaving the remaining 40% for products from other countries.
Current demands in Nigeria from U.S. companies include: CCTV, Electronic Surveillance Equipment, Metal/Bomb Detectors and Access Control, Fire Fighting Equipment, Body Scanners as well as Search and Rescue Equipment. Interest is also focusing on Cybersecurity.
Inconsistencies in government policies, lack of transparency and failure to follow due process, especially in government tenders and procurements, the dearth of security infrastructure such as telecommunication networks to enable some security systems work, and the epileptic nature of electricity (power) supply in most commercial centers across the country all contribute to a draw back.
Name of event: IFSEC West Africa
Date: March 21-23, 2017
Location: Lagos
English language website:
Description: IFSEC West Africa is a definitive event for emerging security market in West African region with more than 2,200 visitors and 70 exhibitors that attended previously. This number is also expected to grow this year because of the huge publicity this event is experiencing. The Nigerian security market is currently worth $5.3bn (a remarkable departure from the previous years because of government’s determination to curb the activities of the Islamic insurgents in North Eastern Nigeria) and by 2016 forecast, it may grow by 3%. Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of petroleum products worldwide and now the biggest economy in Africa.
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Name:         Ibrahim Ibrahim H.
Position:       Commercial Assistant
Phone:        234-1-460-3400 Ext 3524

Matrix Key
1Little to no probability of success
2More challenges than opportunities
3More opportunities than challenges
4Very high probability of success
Key ApplicationsCountry: Nigeria
Video Surveillance Systems
Including: CCTV/Video surveillance, Video Management, Video Analytics
Intrusion Detection/Burglar Alarm systems
Including: Door alarm monitoring, Sound and glass break sensors, Security system monitoring
Electronic Access control System
Including: Proximity and Smart cards, Electromechanical locking solutions, Biometrics
Entrance Solutions
Including: Mechanical locks, Automated gates, Vehicles barriers, Turnstiles, Roll-up doors
Physical Security
Including: Fencing, Grilles, Bullet resistant glazing, Mechanical window coverings, Safes, Locks
Scanning Equipment
Including: Narcotics/explosive
/metal detectors, Scanning and screening equipment
Article Surveillance Systems
Including: RFID systems, proximity tag systems
Personal Protections Products
Including: Goggles, Bullet proof vests, Mace
Protection services
Including: Bodyguards, Security guard services
Consultancy Services
Including: Risk analysis, Risk management, Disaster recovery, Business continuity, Organizational
National Security
Including: Counter terrorism, Border security, Critical infra., Command & control, Law enforcement eq.
Fire & Rescue
Including: Fire/smoking detection, Fire suppression, Fire proofing, Leak detection, Protective gear
IT Security
Including: Cyberterrorism, Anti-malware, Encryption
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