Includes the local time zone, typical hours of business and a list of holidays in the country/economy.
Last Published: 6/17/2016

Local time is GMT +1.  Business establishments and government offices generally open from 8:  00 a.m. to 4:  00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with offices closed for lunch from 1:  00--2:  00 p.m.  Many government offices and businesses hold staff meetings on Monday and Friday mornings, sometimes making it difficult to see people at those times.  The Federal Government in Abuja holds meetings particularly on Wednesdays.  Holidays falling on Saturdays and Sundays are observed on Mondays.  No permanent dates exist for Muslim holidays* -- they are observed as announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  The following are confirmed holidays for 2017:   

Jan. 1—New Year’s Day
Mar. 8—Women’s Day
Apr. 14—Good Friday
Apr. 17—Easter Monday
May 1 – Workers Day
May 29 - Democracy ay
June 26—Eid-El-Fitr Sallah
Sept. 01—Eid-El-Kabir
Oct. 1 – Independence Day
Dec. 25 – Christmas
Dec. 26—Boxing Day

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