This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Includes a market overview and trade data.
Last Published: 12/2/2016
Market Overview
  • Safety and security are major concerns in Libya now and will be into the foreseeable future. $4 billion, 10% of the Government of Libya’s 2016 budget, will be assigned to safety and security and military expenditures from the anticipated budget.
  • Border, Coastline guard security and vital institutions, main objective is to monitor drugs and weapons smuggling, illegal African entry, and extremists from entering the Libyan territories.   
  • The main objectives include strengthening intelligence surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR), air and seaport security, communication systems, and Customs inspection, which require the appropriate tools, equipment, armored vehicles, uniforms and training.
  • Much of the existing safety and security technology was sourced from the Eastern bloc while Libya was under sanctions. 
  • Increasing security threats are spurring the government to seek higher quality American and Western European equipment to replace or upgrade existing equipment when buying new systems.
Market Entry
U.S. Companies should consider the following:
  • Relationships are keys to many ventures.
  • Gain a thorough knowledge of local business laws and requirements before making sales Commitments.  
  • Recent changes to Libyan law require partnership with local partner.
  • The payment terms set in an export sales contract are critical to getting paid.
  • Flow of communications is very essential between the client and the company.
  • Take a long-term approach to the market rather than look for an immediate return.
Market entry is usually best through local agents. Libyan Authority regulations require foreign companies to establish local agents and distributors.  U.S. firms selling goods to Libya through a Libyan agent or distributor are strongly encouraged.
The U.S. Commercial Service in Tripoli, Libya provides U.S. companies with marketing services, such as the International Partner Search and Gold Key Matchmaking Service. For more information on these services and other trade promotion services, please visit our website at

The Ministries of Interior, Defense, Oil & Gas, Transportation, and the Libyan Intelligence Service are all tasked with internal and border security responsibilities ranging from internal safety to drugs and weapons smuggling and illegal entry of foreigners to Libya.

The main objectives include strengthening intelligence surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR), air and seaport security, communication systems, and Customs inspection, with the right tools, equipment, armored vehicles, uniforms and training.

As Libya looks to develop a modern security and law enforcement infrastructure, the country’s internal security challenges will only be met by drawing on overseas technology and expertise to support its internal security agencies. These include special public security forces; police; fire and emergency services; immigration; border control; coastguard and civil defense.

The opportunity for international companies and suppliers of security technology looking to demonstrate their expertise to Libya’s security and safety market. Central to the exhibition will be a Ministry of Interior stand with officials on hand for the benefit of exhibitors and exhibition visitors, as well as conference delegates.

Sub-Sector Best Prospects
  • Communication and satellite equipment
    • Satellite phones
    • Maritime and Teleports
    • Quick deployment for emergency response communications   
  • Border protection and control equipment.
    • CCTV and surveillance systems.
    • Mobile surveillance vehicles
    • Fixed surveillance station
  • Military vehicles
    • Armed vehicle.
    • Armed forces vehicles.
    • Military uniforms
    • Metal detecting equipmets
    • Hand guns  
  • Marine equipment
    • High speed Boats
    • Navigation Communication equipments
  • Air navigation equipment
    • CCTV and surveillance systems
    •  X-ray and handheld scanners  
U.S. Commercial Service Contact Information
Name:   Mohamed Shwehdi
Position:           Commercial Specialist
Phone:  +218-91-389-0683

Matrix Key
1Little to no probability of success
2More challenges than opportunities
3More opportunities than challenges
4Very high probability of success
Key ApplicationsCountry: Libya
Video Surveillance Systems
Including: CCTV/Video surveillance, Video Management, Video Analytics
Intrusion Detection/Burglar Alarm systems
Including: Door alarm monitoring, Sound and glass break sensors, Security system monitoring
Electronic Access control System
Including: Proximity and Smart cards, Electromechanical locking solutions, Biometrics
Entrance Solutions
Including: Mechanical locks, Automated gates, Vehicles barriers, Turnstiles, Roll-up doors
Physical Security
Including: Fencing, Grilles, Bullet resistant glazing, Mechanical window coverings, Safes, Locks
Scanning Equipment
Including: Narcotics/explosive
/metal detectors, Scanning and screening equipment
Article Surveillance Systems
Including: RFID systems, proximity tag systems
Personal Protections Products
Including: Goggles, Bullet proof vests, Mace
Protection services
Including: Bodyguards, Security guard services
Consultancy Services
Including: Risk analysis, Risk management, Disaster recovery, Business continuity, Organizational
National Security
Including: Counter terrorism, Border security, Critical infra., Command & control, Law enforcement eq.
Fire & Rescue
Including: Fire/smoking detection, Fire suppression, Fire proofing, Leak detection, Protective gear
IT Security
Including: Cyberterrorism, Anti-malware, Encryption
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