Discusses the prevalence and reliability of express delivery firms within the country, time from large U.S. cities, and relevant customs procedures, including de minimis amounts.
Last Published: 10/9/2019
U.S. firms can take advantage of improved legislation for postal, express, and courier shipments. The Colombia Customs Code (Decree 390 from 2016) contains postal and courier/express shipping rules. The recently released Customs Code establishes the following four categories for the import regime of express delivery:

Category 1: Postal shipments (correspondence, postcards, and printed materials) are exempt from licensing requirements and payment of duties.

Category 2: Products with a FOB value of US$ 200 or less will be able to enter Colombia without being subject to payment of duties and value added tax (VAT).

Category 3: Courier or express shipments with a FOB value between US$200 and US$2,000 and a weight of under 50 kilograms are freely imported and classified under HS, but are subject to a 10 percent Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) tariff and 16 percent VAT on the CIF-duty-paid value of shipments. The shipments should not exceed six units of the same type of product. Rules apply to both air and surface shipments.

Category 4: Courier or express shipments with a FOB value higher than US$ 2,000 are subject to payment of duties and value added tax (VAT) depending on the products harmonized codes. The products are subject to the clearances, permissions, and authorizations issued by the respective authorities, and to submit the Importation Registration form when is required.

Firms are advised to re-check existing regulations to determine the impact of the proposed changes on their business plans.

The following companies provide postal and courier/express shipments from the U.S. to Colombia:
Box Express Courier
DHL Express
Federal Express
Jet Box
JV Trading Group
Makro Logistics Group
Pasar Express
Premier Global Service
Tego Delivery
Thomas Greg Express
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