Includes import documentation and other requirements for both the U.S. exporter and foreign importer.
Last Published: 7/8/2019

Below are some of the documents that must be presented to customs when goods arrive in Barbados:

•              Airway bills or bills of lading depending on the method of import.
•              CARICOM document invoice (a commercial invoice is acceptable if all of the required information is present).
•              The supplier's invoice documenting all items in the shipment.
•              The C-60 form--a declaration of particulars relating to customs value.
•              The C-63 form--indicating the items shipped, the weight, the shipper, the tariff code, etc. must also be attached. 

For exports, the C-63 form is also used.  The Commercial Invoice and the relevant Central Bank forms must also be presented to customs.
When import licenses are required, they must be obtained prior to importation.  The use of a registered customs broker is recommended when preparing export/import documents.

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