National U.S. Trade Data

Use the databases and tools below to access official U.S. international trade statistics

TradeStats Express

Interactive tool generating tables and graphics detailing annual and quarterly year-to-date U.S. goods trade data from 2002 to the most recently available quarter based upon user-specified options. Data are available for individual countries, trade & economic groups, or geographic regions, and can be tabulated using any of three product classification systems: HS (up to 4-digit level), NAICS (up to 4-digit level), or SITC (up to 3-digit level).

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Trade Policy Information System (TPIS)

Dynamically generate tables and charts detailing historical trade by U.S. top trade partners or U.S. top products. Historical data are available from 2000 to the most recent month year-to-date and can be detailed by individual country, trade & economic group, or geographic region and tabulated using various product classification systems: NAICS (up to 6-digits), HS (up to 10-digits), SITC (up to 5-digits), End-Use Category (up to 5 digits), or Hi-Tech Products (up to 2 digits).

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International Travel & Tourism Data

Get the latest statistics on inbound travel to and outbound travel from the U.S.

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Trade Data Basics

Find out how official U.S. trade statistics are collected, the terminology, and release schedules.

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