Utah USEAC Partners

Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED)
The GOED is committed to statewide economic development. It provides resources for business creation and expansion, and recruits companies to come to Utah. Within the GOED, the Utah International Trade and Diplomacy Office assists companies in developing markets for their products and services in other countries. It also assists companies with the exporting process. For more information, visit tp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif http://goed.utah.gov/.

World Trade Center Utah (WTCU)
The WTCU helps support, promote, and create global trade related jobs. WTCU also commits itself to increasing Utah's revenue from global trade. The organization offers matchmaking service, market analysis, strategy analysis, and training seminars to name a few. During the 2007/2008 year it assisted 600 businesses. For more information, visit tp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif http://wtcut.com/.

Salt Lake Community College Global Business Center
The Global Business Center helps Utah companies expand their international business acumen through extensive educational and professional development opportunities.  The Global Business Center offers a variety of such services, including an Executive Course in Global Business Management leading to a Certificate of Global Business Management) and also hosts a Soft Landing Incubator Program for international businesses looking at establishing a presence in the U.S. or Utah market.  For more information, visit: tp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif http://www.slcc.edu/mbrc/GBMS.asp.

World Trade Association of Utah
The WTA of Utah is dedicated to promoting, increasing, and improving international trade. It holds monthly luncheons from September to April for this purpose. The WTA also holds trade seminars and networking events for Utah businesses. For more information about the World Trade Association of Utah, visit tp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif http://wtaofutah.com/.  

Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce is Utah's largest business association. For over 100 years this nonprofit organization has served business and community interests. It represents 4200 businesses and one in three Utah business jobs. For more information about the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, visit tp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif www.saltlakechamber.org.

For a list of all the Utah area Chambers, go to tp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif http://international.utah.gov/utahchambers.html.  

Utah Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)
Utah SBDCs provide training and counseling services to local small businesses and entrepreneurs. Each branch helps businesses in key areas such as strategic planning, marketing, financial management, debt and equity funding development, and other areas. SBDC contact information by region is provided below: 

Blanding SBDC

(435) 678-2201 x177tp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif

Cedar City SBDC

(435) 586-5400
(435) 586-5493 Faxtp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif

Ephraim SBDC

(435) 283-7372
(435) 283-6913 Faxtp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif

Kaysville SBDC

(801) 593-2202

Logan SBDC

(435) 797-2277
(435) 797-3317 Faxttp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif

Ogden SBDC

(801) 626-7232
(801) 626-7423 Faxttp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif


(801) 863-8230ttp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif

Price SBDC

(435) 637-5444
(435) 637-5448 Fax

Salt Lake City SBDC

(801) 957-5259
(801) 957-3488 Faxttp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif

St. George SBDC

(435) 652-7741
(435) 652-7870 Faxttp://www.buyusa.gov/style/graphics/link_extern.gif

Vernal SBDC

(435) 789-6100