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List of Recent UK Market Research Reports

This is a list of recent market research reports prepared by our Commercial Specialists and available free of charge to U.S. companies. To acquire a copy of the report, please contact the Commercial Specialist listed.

For a complete listing of all U.S. Commercial Service market research reports, register for access to the Market Research Library.



Commercial Service Contact: Richard.Stanbridge@trade.gov

  • Plus Size Women's Wear

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Commercial Service Contact: Sara.Jones@trade.gov

  • Automotive Parts and Accessories

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Commercial Service Contact: Richard.Stanbridge@trade.gov

  • Opportunities for Franchising

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Information, Technology and Communications

Commercial Service Contact: Andrew.Williams@trade.gov

  • Computer Hardware and Peripherals
  • TV Broadcast Market Trends

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Travel and Tourism

Commercial Service Contact: Stewart.Gough@trade.gov

  • Purchasing Overseas Vacation

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