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The European Market

U.S. Commercial Service Europe

Customized Solutions for Multi-market Opportunities: with CS Europe consisting of over 28 countries in Europe, we help you identify business opportunities and develop a region-wide strategy that suits your objectives. We advise you on how to make sure your product complies with European regulations and standards.
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U.S Commercial Service at the U.S. Mission to the European Union

The U.S. Commercial Service at the United States Mission to the European Union (CS EU) is uniquely positioned to support your company's efforts to meet this market's challenges and seize its opportunities.

Furthermore, since the UK is a Member of the European Union (EU), it is important to be aware of and comply with EU technical and regulatory requirements. Information is available in the UK Country Commercial Guide (CCG), but the CS EU website provides detailed and up-to-date EU information and can help U.S. companies:

  • Comply with EU Standards, Regulations and Certification requirements
  • Comply with key EU Directives (legislation) such as: WEEE RoHS; REACH; REACH and CLP;EuP; Batteries Directive.
  • Access Markets in Key Sectors
  • Participate in EU-funded Programs and Procurement Opportunities: EU Tenders Resources
  • Defend your Commercial Interests through Trade Compliance Agreements and Advocacy

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The U.S. Commercial Service Liaison Office to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

The U.S. is the largest single shareholder in the EBRD, the world’s newest multilateral development bank. The Bank’s program promotes the growth of market-based economies in 27 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. With US$20 billion of capital, the Bank offers a wide range of financing mechanisms to promote privatization, restructuring, and liberalization in this highly dynamic region.

The Commercial Service Liaison Office to the EBRD (CS-EBRD) is an integral part of U.S. representation at the EBRD and works closely with the Executive Director's office to increase the effectiveness of U.S. participation in Bank programs. CS-EBRD provides information to U.S. businesses on how the EBRD works and how U.S. companies can participate in EBRD projects. CS-EBRD also offers guidance to U.S. companies throughout the project cycle.

The EBRD's financing activities generate many opportunities for suppliers, contractors and consultants worldwide.  For a list of current opportunities, please visit the EBRD Procurement Opportunities webpage.

For further information about CS-EBRD and the services they can offer, please visit the CS-EBRD website or contact:

Mary Boscia
Senior Commercial Officer

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