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• Product Literature Center (PLC) program

CS Kiev will display U.S. company product literature at specific major local trade shows, collect leads and send them directly to U.S. companies. This service is a low-cost but effective and easy way for your company to evaluate market potential, gain exposure and explore business opportunities. Please see a complete list of local trade shows with CS Kiev-organized U.S. Product Literature Centers .

You should send your product literature (no products, no samples) by first-class U.S. mail, from the nearest Post Office, to our Diplomatic Mail Center address. Please plan ahead, as it will take approximately four weeks for us to receive your brochures through this mail service.

Shipments should be addressed as follows:

James Lindley
Senior Commercial Officer
U.S. Embassy
4, Aircraft Designer Igor Sikorsky Street
Kyiv, 01901

Cost: $300

Delivery: Flexible

Please do not hesitate to contact Irina Trubnikova for more information.