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Ukraine: decree on cancellation of quotas for wheat and barley exports came on force since June 4

On June 4, 2011, the decree of the Government of Ukraine #566 dd. May 25 on cancellation of the export quotas for wheat and barley entered into force. The text of the document was published in the state newspaper Uryadoviy Courier №101 dd. June 4, 2011.

According to the document, changes are made to the addendum to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers #938 dd. October 4, 2010.

In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers excluded such positions as wheat, mixture of wheat and rye (meslin), emmer and barley from the decree on imposition of the export quotas.

We should mark that the export quotas for rye, buckwheat and by-products at the level of 1 thsd tonnes each are still active.

As a reminder, in early October 2010 the Ukrainian Government imposed quotas for grain exports. On May 5 the quotas for maize exports were canceled due to sufficient reserves of the grain.

Simultaneously, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on imposition of the export duties for wheat (9% but not lower 17 EUR/t), maize (12%, but not lower 20 EUR/t) and barley (14% but not lower 23 EUR/t) to the period till January 1, 2012. The President has not yet signed it, but in the case of signature and publication of the law in June, it will enter into force on July 1.