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Doing Business in Ukraine:

2012 Country Commercial Guide for U.S. Companies

The Country Commercial Guide contains the following chapters:

1. Doing Business in Ukraine

2. Political and Economic Environment

3. Selling U.S. Products and Services

4. Leading Sectors for U.S. Export and Investment

5. Trade Regulations and Standards

6. Investment Climate

7. Trade and Project Financing

8. Business Travel

9. Contacts, Market Research and Trade Events

10. Guide to Our Services

Chapter 1: Doing Business in Ukraine

Market Overview

Ukraine is a country with a poor reputation for a variety of reasons. With regards to trade and commerce, internationally recognized reporting seems to reconfirm the accepted view that Ukraine is not a prime market for U.S. products, equipment and services. In fact, the World Bank’s annual Ease of Doing Business report shows that Ukraine’s ranking in 2012 declined over all. There were some areas that had improvement, but generally the end result was a decline of -3 to 152 out of 183 countries. Ukraine is now ranked between Burkina Faso, Liberia and Bolivia and Senegal. The 2011 Global Competitiveness Indicator report paints a similar dismal picture – phrased another way, but with similar results – a decline in ranking. So does Transparency International. However, statistics collected by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau paint a completely different picture. Based on bills of lading for U.S. manufactured goods, these statistics show that U.S. exports to Ukraine are increasing significantly. In 2010 U.S. exports to Ukraine increased by 53.19%, and in 2011 by 57.33%.

U.S. companies are doing great business in this very diverse market. Just about every business/industry needs some refurbishing of its facilities, new technology to improve production capacity or to add contemporary product lines, and all need to improve energy efficiency. Ukrainian businessmen are looking for partners and to represent U.S. products, technology and services. The private sector is growing despite the turmoil in the public sector. Ukraine’s international reputation may be poor, but business is good in the private sector!

Market Challenges

  • Corruption
  • Bureaucratic company registration, product licensing and certification procedures
  • Unpredictable enforcement of the rule of law
  • Underdevelopment of commercial legislation
  • Unpredictability of government action
  • Lack of local financing
  • Language barrier

Market Opportunities

  • Agricultural equipment and machinery
  • Aircraft/Parts
  • Automotive
  • Computer Software/Services and Computers Peripherals
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
  • Electric Power Systems
  • Food Processing/Packaging Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Field Machinery
  • Renewable Energy
  • Safety and Security Equipment
  • Travel and Tourism

Market Entry Strategy

Contact the U.S. Commercial Service to discuss your interest and learn about strategies for:

  • Getting prepared
  • How to avoid corruption
  • Tools of advantage
  • Resources to assist
  • Advantages of being a US company
  • Financing resources
  • Taboos

In addition, please take note that all our market research is available in the U.S. Government Export Portal, free to registered users. Just login and read it!

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