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Exporter Registry Form

The Turkish Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade issued communiqué No. 2009/21, which obligates all Textile and Apparel exporters as well as Raw Cotton exporters into Turkey to submit the Exporter Registry Form.

Below are the required steps for U.S. textile and apparel companies to fill out the Exporter Registry Form and obtain official approval. 

1. Fill out the form

First, the Exporter Registry Form needs to be filled out. Any confidential company information can be marked “Confidential” on the form.

2. Get the form approved

There are two alternatives for obtaining official approval of the Form:

Alternative 1

  • The Exporter Registry Form then needs to be authenticated (signed and sealed) by a competent authority, such as the exporter’s local Chamber of Commerce, which also issue documents such as certificates of origin. It is also possible to have the Exporter Registry Form authenticated by another competent authority, which is defined as “legal entities, authorized to approve the genuineness of signatures and seals appearing on documents”.
  • The local Chamber of Commerce (competent authority) approved Exporter Registry Form then needs to be brought/sent to the nearest Turkish Consulate, Consular Services to be approved (legalized).

The approval process of the Turkish Consulate takes 2-3 days.

Approvals of the local Chamber of Commerce (competent authority) and the Turkish Consulate are solely to certify that the seal and signature appearing on the form are genuine, and do not mean the approval of the content of the form.

Alternative 2

  • An Apostille of the Hague can be attached to the Form. The Apostille of the Hague is prepared by the exporter’s State …, Department of the Secretary of State.

3. Send the form to the Turkish importer

Finally, the completed and approved form needs to be sent to the importer in Turkey to complete the registration process.

For additional information on the Exporter Registry Form, please contact our Commercial Specialist Perim Akguner.