Led by NASBITE International, each training organization matches training to standard. Some of the institutions participating are:

  • Export Institute of the United States
  • University of Texas San Antonio
  • International Trade Center SBDC (Dallas)
  • International Business Council & Nazareth College
  • Massachusetts Export Center SBDC
  • Bryant College
  • Fox Valley Technical College

This training has been developed in accordance with NASBITE International (formerly known as North American Small Business International Trade Educators) guidelines for a CGBP credential, a nationally recognized professional credential that demonstrates an individual’s competency in international trade.


Modules go over the following subjects:

1. Global Management

2. Global Marketing

3. Supply Chain Management

4. Trade Finance

5. Intercultural Awareness

6. Government Resources

7. Trade Compliance

8. Documentation

Optional:      Exam Review (Practice Tests, Case Studies)

Course Information

Courses are available in various locations with some online availability. A typical training set is 5 days, distributed over a 30 day period with a 1 day exam. When these training sets are offered at SBDCs, most follow the Export Training Assistance Partnership (ETAP) model. The training sets are a combination of classroom and self-study.

Besides attending the modules, participants are expected to study. People without international trade experience will require a significant amount of outside study if they wish to sit for the national NASBITE CGBP exam.

Course cost ranges from $300 to $1000, with an average cost of $700.


In order to get the CGBP credential participants must have completed at least two years of college-level classes or worked in the international trade field at least two years. People without experience may participate but a larger amount of study will be required. Courses are at the Intermediate to Advanced level.