China Biotech Trade Mission

The Commercial Service in the U.S. Department of Commerce is recruiting U.S. companies for a high level Biotech Life Sciences Trade Mission to China October 14-18, led by Under Secretary for International Trade Francisco Sanchez. During the Trade Mission, U.S. company participants will engage Chinese Government decision makers, meet with pre-screened and qualified potential partners, attend briefings by high ranking US Embassy officials and industry experts in the field of biotechnology, and partake in valuable networking opportunities.


Beijing and Hong Kong


October 14-18, 2011


Quickly Emerging Biotech Industry with Strong Interest in U.S. Products and Services

  • U.S. biotech and life science firms often consider China the most important future market in terms of sales and clinical trial opportunities, and potential investment.
  • China’s enormous consumer base and impressive economic growth further reinforce the importance of the market for U.S. firms.
  • A Trade Mission led by the U.S. Department of Commerce offers an attractive entrée for U.S. biotech firms and associations given China’s relatively complex legal and regulatory landscape.
  • Hong Kong possesses excellent research facilities and business infrastructure, regulatory linkages into the mainland, and a strong venture capital community.
  • Hong Kong is also a leading center for bio-medical clinical trials in Asia.

Why Participate

The goals of the China Biotech Trade Mission are to increase U.S. biotech sales to China and match make US biotech firms with needed partners such as investors, representatives, clinical research organizations and distributors.

During the mission, participants will receive:

  • briefings on the biotech market and how to protect intellectual property in China;
  • site visits to biotech research parks;
  • one-on-one business meetings with prospective Chinese partners tailored to each firm's needs; and
  • meetings with local industry experts and government officials.


Cost: $3,270 for large firms and $2,327 for a small or medium-sized enterprise with 500 employees or less. Expenses for travel, lodging, meals, and incidentals will be the responsibility of each mission participant.

More Information

For more information contact Commercial Officer Douglas Wallace at; (415) 705-1765