Travel and Tourism Market Research

The U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library is the place to go to obtain industry specific market research. There are several reports prepared by our staff of experts throughout the Americas that offer market intelligence in the travel and tourism industry. Below are a few examples.


Travel and Tourism Services - Best Prospect – January 10, 2014
Traveling is part of the Argentine lifestyle and the U.S. is a popular destination for both business and pleasure. Based on the most recent figures travel to the U.S. is up 19.2 percent January to November 2012, compared to the same period in 2011. Although Argentine tourism has grown at double digi...


Travel and Tourism – January 8, 2014
Brazil is the sixth-largest source of foreign visitors to the United States, and is the top arrivals market from South America. Brazilians account for more than 30% of all arrivals from that continent. With both the fifth largest land mass and population in the world, recent economic growth, and a ...


Canadians Favor Loyalty Rewards Programs – March 7, 2014
Canada represents one of the most mature and propersous markets for loyalty and customer programs. Ninety percent of Canadian consumers shared in at least one loyalty program in 2012. The Canadian market offers a great opportunity for businesses to enhance current programs for potential consumers ...

Canadians Continue to Drive to the U.S. for Cheaper Flights – January 27, 2014
Canadians continue to take advantabe of cheaper airline tickets across the border. Over 5 million Canadian passengers depart from a domestic U.S. airport as opposed to Canadian city airports when travelling to a U.S. destination. Domestic American flights can be up to 50% cheaper than from a Canad...

Travel and Tourism - Best Prospect – January 10, 2014
Canada continued to deliver the largest inbound travel market to the United States in 2012 at 22.7 million visitors, up 6.4% from 2011. Canadian visitation is forecasted to increase 24% from 2011 – 2017. Canada ranks first in travel and tourism-related spending at $26.1 billion in 2012. Travel an...


Travel and Tourism - Best Prospect - January 3, 2014
Due to the steady growth in the GDP and the economic stability, Colombia offers a promising market for U.S. exporters in the tourism industry. Consumers are enjoying higher disposable incomes due to the favorable exchange rate of local currencies vs. the U.S. dollar, which increases the number of Co...

Costa Rica

Travel and Tourism in the US - Best Prospects – January 6, 2014
The United States is by far the preferred destination for Costa Rican travelers. According to industry sources, the top three visited states are Florida (Miami, Orlando), California (Los Angeles), and New York (New York/New Jersey). It is not expected that in the near future the top destinations wil...

Dominican Republic

Travel and Tourism - Best Prospects – January 3, 2014
Around 230,000 Dominicans visit the United States each year, making the DR our 26th largest source of tourists worldwide. Travel to the United States from the Caribbean region as a whole continued to be very dynamic. According to a report on “International Visitation to the United States”...

El Salvador

Travel and Tourism Best Prospects – January 6, 2014
Overview Due to the economic situation in El Salvador, Salvadorans are being cautious with their travel budgets to the United States. However, from January to November 2012 statistics reported an increase of 1.5 percent visitations to the United States, compared to figures during the same period in...


Travel and Tourism – January 6, 2014
The United States is one of the top three destinations for Guatemalan travelers along with the Central American neighboring countries and Mexico. At least half of the traveling community chooses to travel to destinations such as Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, New York and Chicago. These are in...


Travel and Tourism Services - Best Prospect – January 6, 2014
The United States is the most important destination for Mexican travelers. In 2012, 14.51 million Mexicans traveled to the United States, representing over 20 percent of the total foreign arrivals to the country. Mexico remained the second largest source of international travelers to the United Stat...

How to Obtain the Complete Reports

Feel free to contact the Trade Americas Travel & Tourism Regional Working Group Leader for assistance.

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