Telecommunications and IT Industry Market Research

The U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library is the place to go to obtain industry specific market research. There are several reports prepared by our staff of experts throughout the Americas that offer market intelligence in the telecommunications and IT industry. Below are a few examples.


Information & Communications Technology - Best Prospect – January 10, 2014
By 2011, Argentina was well along the path of developing its domestic industry in the software and IT services sectors. The software and computer services industry in Argentina has approximately 40,000 qualified workers spread among 1,000 companies that invoice around $1,600 million and $300 million...


Telecommunications – January 8, 2014
With approximately a third of the region’s population, Brazil is Latin America’s largest telecom market. The Brazilian telecommunications services market in the country reached US$ 80 billion and by 2017 is forecasted to reach US$ 100 billion. Regulatory and legislative adjustments have been and wi...

Computer Software and Services – January 8, 2014
The Brazilian software industry has been positively affected. This segment grew 10% in 2012 compared to 2011. Brazil’s IT market ranks among the top ten worldwide in the last three years. Given the forecast for growth of the Brazilian economy over the next several years, Brazilian IT spending shoul...


Information and Communication Technology - Best Prospect – January 10, 2014
The ICT sector in Canada is composed of nearly 33,300 companies that generate over $155 billion in annual revenues. This sector is highly trade dependent; the United States is the top trading partner for exports at $10.9 billion and in the top two for imports at $12.3 billion in 2012. Measuring, M...


Information Technology and Communications - Best Prospect – January 3, 2014
The Information Technologies (IT) sector presents numerous opportunities for those U.S. companies, willing and able to offer the products and services that Colombia needs to move to the forefront in terms of connectivity, IT services penetration, and even basic access to infrastructure and hardware....

Dominican Republic

Telecommunications Equipment - Best Prospects – January 3, 2014
Growth in the telecommunication industry over the last five years in the Dominican Republic has been characterized by greater competition, falling prices and the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies. The cellular sub-sector has experienced the fastest rate of growth, but is the mo...

Computers and Peripherals - Best Prospects – January 3, 2014
The Dominican market for computers and peripherals has experienced continuous growth over the last three years and is expected to continue growing at a 7 percent rate in the near future. Growth is driven by a combination of falling prices, attractive financing packages and a healthy demand...


Telecommunications Equipment - Best Prospect – January 6, 2014
Since 2010, the Mexican telecommunications market has consistently grown at a rate above the country’s GDP growth, driven to a large extent by mobile telephony, broadband and broadcasting. Mexico is now considered a medium maturity market for wireless telephony; over the last year, wireless operator...

Internet and IT Services - Best Prospect - January 6, 2014
Mexico had 45.1 million internet users at the end of 2012; 76 percent of them are under 35 years of age. Top online activities include e-mail (87 percent of users), web searches (84 percent), social networks (82 percent), instant messaging (61 percent), and online shopping (37 percent). The E-commer...


Telecommunications - a Top US Export Prospect – June 3, 2013
The competition in the cellular telephony sector opened new opportunities for U.S. exporters of equipment such as towers and…

Computers & Peripherals - a Top US Export Prospect – June 3, 2013
Computers and peripherals as well as a variety of consumer electronics are top US export prospects for Pan....


Computers and Peripherals - Best Prospects – January 5, 2014
Peru’s computer electronics market shows great potential, and unlike the U.S. market which is reported to be at 95 percent saturation, Peru has yet to find its ceiling. Dynamics within the sector are constantly changing, driven by consumer demand for the most innovative next generation tec...

Telecommunications - Best Prospects - January 5, 2014
The telecommunications sector is one of the most important sectors in Peru. It currently accounts for 3 percent of GDP, and with GDP expected to expand 6 percent annually over the next several years, Peru’s telecom sector is a promising area for investors. Peru’s economic prosperity has created a co...


Telecommunications Equipment – January 9, 2014

The U.S. market share of telecommunications imports fell from 17 percent in 2010 to 15 percent in 2011 to 14 percent in 2012. Notwithstanding, in 2012 the U.S. was the second largest supplier of products and equipment after China (which commanded a 52 percent market share) and followed by Brazil wit...

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