Energy Industry Market Research

The U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library is the place to go to obtain industry specific market research. There are several reports prepared by our staff of experts throughout the Americas that offer market intelligence in the energy industry. Below are a few examples.


Renewable Energy Technology and Equipment - Best Prospect – January 10, 2014
Argentina’s carbon footprint from power generation is low, with about 90 percent of power generation in Argentina coming from hydro sources and thermal plants fired by natural gas, and a further seven percent from nuclear power. As Argentina's total electricity demand continues to grow, increasing t...


Natural Gas Sector Overview – January 16, 2014
This report provides an outlook of Brazil’s natural gas subsector, including the new Gas Law and the recently launched draft of the 2013-2022 gas network expansion plan “PEMAT”. It also summarizes the results of the 12th oil licensing round held on November 28, 2013....

Oil and Gas Market Overview – January 8, 2014
The 2013 estimate for purchases in Brazil’s oil and gas equipment and services market is approximately US$67.8 billion. Of that amount, around US$33 billion will likely be imported with approximately US$14.9 billion being imported from the United States. These estimated investment statistics are ba...

Electrical Power Sector Overview – January 8, 2014

The estimated 2013 market for Brazil’s power generation, transmission, and distribution (GTD) equipment market is projected at approximately US$ 8.9 billion of which US$ 919 million is projected to be imported with about US$ 99 million of that total forecasted to be from U.S. sources....


Renewable Energy - Best Prospect – January 10, 2014
Canada is a world leader in the production and use of energy from renewable resources, including solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and marine energy extraction. Wind energy is poised to experience the highest growth rate within the sector. Average annual growth in Canadian windpower capacity for the pas...

Power Generation - Best Prospect – January 10, 2014
Total installed generating capacity 134 GW is projected to reach 170 GW in 2035. Electricity by primary sources: 62% hydro, 16% coal, 15% nuclear, 7% gas plus renewables. 80% of Canada’s existing power-generation to be replaced during the next 10 to 15 years. Canadian 2012 total imports of equipm...

Oil and Gas - Best Prospect – January 10, 2014
Canada is the world's fourth largest producer of natural gas and the sixth largest producer of crude oil. Alberta’s oil sands are the world’s second largest oil reserve. Canada imported approximately $5.5 billion of oil and gas products from the U.S. in 2012. More than half of Canada’s oil and gas ...

Energy Sector Overview: Power Generation & Electrical Power Systems – March 4, 2014
As a valuable resource for U.S. energy exporters, this document provides for a Canadian energy market overview, lists opportunities, projects/programs, prospects and events....


Electric Power Equipment Best Prospects – January 3, 2014
Overview Between 2013 and 2020, growth rates of 6% to 7% are projected for electricity consumption in Chile, which means there will be a demand of almost 100,000 GWh of total electric energy by 2020. That means that an increase in supply of some 8,000 MW of new generation projects would be needed t...


Oil and Gas Machinery and Services - Best Prospect – January 3, 2014
The oil and gas machinery and services market continues to represent an important opportunity for U.S. companies as the Colombian government continues to place oil and gas exploration and production a top priority. Colombia is close to achieve production one million barrels per day, according to the...

Electrical Power Systems - Best Prospect – January 3, 2014
The Electrical Power Systems market continues to represent an important opportunity for U.S. exporters. The significance will increase as Colombia continues to expand its economy, which in turn will drive the demand for more electricity across all industrial sectors. At the end of 2012, Colombia’s i...

Dominican Republic

Renewable Energy - Best Prospects – January 3, 2014
The electric power generation and distribution sector is perhaps the most challenged part of the Dominican Republic’s economy. The country experiences frequent electrical outages that can last from several minutes to more than twelve hours a day. Supply shortfalls in the sector can be attr...


Electrical Power Systems Best Prospects – January 6, 2014
Overview Honduras has a current installed capacity of 1,714.1 MW. Electricity demand grows at approximately 7 percent a year, and is expected to increase at that rate for the immediate future. Demand factors include population pressure, grid expansion and economic growth, as well as subsidies, ille...


Renewable Energy - Best Prospect –January 6, 2014
The demand for imported renewable energy-related equipment and services in Mexico is expected to increase in general terms, but will differ widely among sub-sectors. While U.S. exports to Mexico will grow, this will be determined by the policies defined by the Mexican government. The National Energy...

Energy - Best Prospect – January 6, 2014
In 2013, the demand for imported energy-related equipment and services as a whole will increase by approximately 8.4 percent while U.S. exports to Mexico will grow by an estimated 9.6 percent during the same period of time. The demand for imported oil and gas equipment and services will increase by ...


Electrical Power Systems - a Top US Export Prospect – June 3, 2013
Part of Panama's Country Commercial Guide...


Oil and Gas Machinery - Best Prospects – January 5, 2014
Overview Peru has abundant hydrocarbon wealth (oil and gas) in diverse areas of its territory, but mainly on the continental shelf and in the Amazon Basin. The availability of these resources allows for the development of petrochemical activities in Peru. The hydrocarbon industry is an important in...


Renewable Energy Equipment – January 9, 2014

As a country that lacks coal, oil, and natural gas, Uruguay has historically relied on hydroelectric power, imported oil, and imported electricity from its neighbors, Argentina and Brazil. Although the government aims to become one of the leading countries in renewable energy source generation, prim...

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