Automotive Industry Market Research

The U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library is the place to go to obtain industry specific market research. There are several reports prepared by our staff of experts throughout the Americas that offer market intelligence in the automotive industry. Below are a few examples.


Automotive Sector – March 4, 2014
An outline of the Canadian automotive sector, including: • Market Overview -- Sales figures • Opportunities -- Investment programs announced in the last year • Best Prospects -- Import statistics • Events -- Important auto sector events in 2014-2015...

Canada - Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Market 2013 – April 16, 2013
The medium and heavy duty truck market is an important segment of the economy in Canada. Many products and consumer goods are transported across Canada by truck....


Automotive Parts and Accessories - Best Prospect – January 3, 2014
Colombia is a major player in the regional automotive market but has experienced a 2.6% decrease in sales this past year. There were 315,968 vehicles sold, as opposed to the 324,570 vehicles sold in 2011. According to Portafolio1, there were several reasons related to this reduction: a) the global e...

Costa Rica

Automotive Parts - Best Prospects – January 6, 2014
Local production is limited to small electrical and metal parts, batteries, electrical copper cable, hydraulic seals, filters (air/gasoline), steel leaf springs, aluminum and steel wheels, windshields, carpets, hoses, mufflers, bus bodies, and tires. Major U.S. competitors in this sector are China, ...

Dominican Republic

Automotive Parts and Services - Best Prospect – January 3, 2014
The market for automotive spare parts and services is estimated to grow by 12 percent over the next three years. In the Dominican Republic the demand for these products is linked to the aging car population (vehicles older than five years represent 97 percent of the total Dominican vehicle...

El Salvador

Automotive Parts and Service Equipment – January 3, 2014
The Salvadoran market, more than 700,000 vehicles, imports all automotive aftermarket products and accessories for maintenance and repair. El Salvador does not manufacture aftermarket products and 30% of imports are of U.S. origin. The market for auto parts is divided in three: the privat...


Automotive Parts and Service Equipment Best Prospects – January 6, 2014
Market demand for U.S. products in the automotive parts and service equipment sector looks promising, with an expected growth rate of 10 percent over the next three years. An aging car population continues to fuel demand for automotive parts and accessories in Honduras. An estimated 70 per...


Automotive Parts and Supplies - Best Prospect – January 6, 2014
Mexico ranks as the eighth largest vehicle producer in the world, which accounts for 19.8 percent of the manufacturing sector and 3.5 percent of national GDP contribution. Mexico’s auto parts industry is closely related to the U.S. industry and economic growth. There are currently nine manufacturers...

Trends in the Aftermarket Industry – December 6, 2013
With 23 million operational vehicles that exist in Mexico, the market for aftermarket remains stable and growing. On average, Mexicans renovate their vehicles after 17 years. The aftermarket industry is estimated at USD$6.6 billion creating business opportunities for U.S. exporters....


Top U.S. Export Prospect for Panama 2103 – June 3, 2013
Automotive parts/servicing equipment - a top U.S. export prospect in 2013 for Panama. Part of Panama's Country Commercial Guide....

How to Obtain the Complete Reports

Feel free to contact the Trade Americas Automotive Regional Working Group Members for assistance.

To access the full reports or others not listed here, please go to the U.S. Government Export Portal, click on Market Research Library and follow the instructions below.

  • Under Industry select Automotive and Ground Transportation
  • Under sector you may want to specify a more specific sub-sector. (This is optional.)
  • Under Region select Western Hemisphere
  • Then click on the GO button

The reports are available free of charge to registered users. If you have not already done so, register now and access all the market information offered by the federal government.