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Ex-Im Bank Opens for Short-Term and Medium-Term Financing in Myanmar

Ex-Im Bank can now provide export-credit insurance, loan guarantees and direct loans for creditworthy export sales to Myanmar starting February 6, 2014. Short-term insurance is available for sovereign transactions with repayment terms of 180 days or less, and up to 360 days for capital goods. Medium-term insurance, loan guarantees and loans are available for sovereign transactions with terms typically up to five years.

The Bank's working capital guarantees, which help U.S. exporters or their suppliers to obtain funds to produce or buy goods or services for export, will be available to support exports to Myanmar as well.

The Bank is also able to provide long-term support in Myanmar, provided there are financing arrangements that eliminate or externalize country risks, such as asset-backed financings and structures that earn revenues offshore in a third country.

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