Brief Biographies

Amer Kayani

Minister Counselor, U.S. Embassy Saudi Arabia

Ann Bacher

Regional Commercial Counselor, U.S. Embassy Egypt

Antonio Cabral

Licensing Officer, Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control

Assad Barsoum

Senior Commercial Specialist, U.S. Consulate Israel

Barry Bezuidenhout

Vice President, Oil & Gas Team, Standard Bank

Brad Pierce

President/CEO, Restaurant Equipment World / Critical Supply World

Ben Kazora

President, Eastern Africa Diaspora Business Council

Brian McCleary

Senior Commercial Officer, U.S Embassy Nigeria

Brian Shultz

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, APS Technology

Brenda Hall

Chief Executive Officer, Bridge 360

Camille Richardson

Principal Commercial Officer, U.S. Consulate Mumbai

Chip Peters

Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Kenya

Chrissy Borskey

Director, Government Affairs & Policy, GE Power & Water – Distributed Power

Danielle Walker

Director, African Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Danny Sebright

President, U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council

Dao Le

Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Kuwait

David Hamod

President and CEO of the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC)

Doug Wallace

Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Consulate Casablanca

Emily Shaffer

Economic & Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Oman

Fathi Hamidan

Commercial Specialist, U.S. Embassy Libya

Gene Christiansen

Senior Licensing Officer, Office of National Security & Technology Transfer Controls, Bureau of Industry & Security

Geoff Bogart

Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Jordan

Gigi Do

Executive Director, Office of International Initiatives, Houston Community College System

Heather Pederson

Senior Director International Operations & Policy Government Operations, Boeing

Henry Sauvignet

Director of Administration, North American Development Bank

Janice Corbett

Executive Director, Office of Africa and the Middle East, U.S. Commercial Service

Jim Kelim

Executive Director-Office of ESL Services, University of Texas – San Antonio

Jim Perschbach

Senior Counsel, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

Jim Wilson

Senior Coordinator for Trade Promotion and Commercial Affairs Office of Economic and Policy Staff, Bureau of African Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Joe Barrett

Program Director, Gore Design

John Andersen

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Markets

John Simmons

Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy United Arab Emirates

Kamal Achab

Commercial Specialist, U.S. Embassy Algeria

Keith Curtis

Senior Commercial Counselor, U.S. Embassy Iraq

Keith Edwards

Program Director, Dillon Aero

Kenneth E. Hyatt

Acting Under Secretary for International Trade, U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration

Larry Farris

Commercial Counselor, U.S. Consulate Lagos, Nigeria

Laura Raymond

Chief Commercial Officer, Innovari

Maria Andrews

Commercial Counselor, U.S. Embassy Israel

Matthew Murray

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe, Middle East & Africa

Maja Wessels

Executive Vice President, Global Public Affairs, First Solar Inc.

Michael Farina

Senior Manager, Strategy & Analytics at GE Oil & Gas

Michele LaNoue

CEO, Headworks BIO Inc.

Naaman Tayyar

Commercial Specialist, U.S. Embassy Lebanon

Nathan Regan

Country Manager, Bahrain Economic Development Board

Paul Taylor

Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Ghana

Peter DeLuca

Partner, Carter, Deluca, Farrell & Schmidt, LLP

Robert Dunn

Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Qatar

Radi Al-Rashed

President & CEO, International Chem-Crete, Corp.

Shannon Nagy Cazeau

Counselor for Political & Economic Affairs, U.S. Embassy Ethiopia

Susan Tuttle

Director, Middle East and Africa Governmental Programs, IBM Corporation

Travis T.M. Cook

Sales Executive, 20Cube

Trevor Gunn

Managing Director, International Relations, Medtronic

Vernon Darko

President, EquipXP

Walter Koenig

Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Afghanistan

William Marbell

Capture Manager for Africa, Trimble Export Limited