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International Trade Update - April 2011

Brazil and the United States: Working to Advance Their Common Prosperity
Brazil, an economic powerhouse of 193 million people, looms as an increasingly important trading partner for the United States. During their visits to Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo last month, President Barack Obama and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke undertook a number of actions that will help the U.S.–Brazilian commercial relationship prosper during the coming years.

In Colombia, Trade Opportunities and Stiff Competition
The United States is Colombia’s No. 1 trading partner, selling $12 billion in goods in 2010. But U.S. exporters face increasing competition as other countries aggressively pursue opportunities in this active and growing market.

Mastering the Art of Helping U.S. Companies Export
A unique outreach and training program conducted by the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service is helping the international sales forces of three large U.S. delivery companies to spot the exporting potential of their customers.

Short Takes: News from the International Trade Administration

  • ITA Win: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Allowed to Enter Bahrain Duty Free
  • Applications Sought for U.S.–Brazil CEO Forum

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