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Trade Lead Program

US Embassies gather and transmit trade leads to the United States regularly. The leads are collected at trade shows, through conversations and through market research. You benefit from up-to-the-minute business opportunities without the expense of international travel and time-consuming research.

Regardless of the type of business contacts you are looking for in the U.S., the Trade Lead Program accommodates your needs. You can submit:

Direct Purchase Leads
Distribution/Agency Offers
Search for Investment/Licensing/Joint Venture Partner
Search for Project Assistance
Government Tenders

Commercial Service will make the lead available to U.S. exporters through on-line databases, such as export.gov and through our Export Assistance Centers, located in every state.

You can send us a message with the produc/s that you are interested in and weather you are a distributor or an importer or a wholesaler.
For more information, please e-mail us at Stockholm.office.box

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