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Nordic-wide Programs


Nordic Services include:

The Nordic Qualified Contact List: for Representative Searches

 With this service we develop a carefully qualified Contact List of up to 10 potential companies that meets your needs and specifications for agents, distributors, or partners in the market. The list includes company name, address, phone, fax, website, confirmed contact name with email address and principal activity. Post pre-screens and contacts the prospects, giving them an initial introduction to the US product in question. We pay special attention to partners that can service more than one of the Nordic markets. Further contact will be handled directly by the US client. The service costs $950 for a choice of any three countries and $1250 for four.

Nordic Gold Key: for Business Meetings

The Gold Key program provides a customized appointment service designed to familiarize a company with each country's market so that the company can develop a business plan and it is coordinated by one of the Nordic countries. We believe it is a key to visit the market and gain first-hand experience before making final plans on how to sell your product here. The Gold Key Service is ideal for doing that. We arrange a market orientation briefing and scheduled appointments with local agents, distributors, customers, associations and/or potential joint venture partners. In discussion with the client, we arrange appointments with the key organizations that give you the information you need you need to make market decisions about your product in the Nordic Market. The price for the Nordic Region Gold Key is based on single country price with discounts for Nordic multi-country services.

Nordic Platinum Key: for targeted Industry Sub-Sector Research

With the Nordic Platinum Key we help design with you a strategic approach to the Nordic Market place. We customize our services to fit your needs and provide a single point of contact to develop and implement this strategy in all five countries as it is best applicable

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