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Showcase Europe Events 2012-13

Showcase Europe is organized around eight key industry sectors. These sectors were selected based on their market potential for U.S. exports, possibilities for pan-European export marketing strategies, and in response to expressions of interest by U.S. firms. The Specialists of the Commercial Service of the Embassy of Stockholm are travelling to the European shows with a US presence and assist them in their contact with Swedish companies wanting to import their products. Additionally they are ready to offer any type of information about the local market that can assist the American companies in their effort to increase sales. The following are the shows that our office will be supporting this year.

February 2013

Ambiente 2013, February 11-19, Frankfurt Germany

The Commercial Specialist covering the sector: Birgitta Gardelius

March 2013

Cosmoprof 2013, March 8- 11, 2013, Bologna Italy

The Commercial Specialist covering the sector: Birgitta Gardelius

November 2013

World Travel Market 2013, November 4-7, London UK

The Commercial Specialist that covers the sector: Birgitta Gardelius

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