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Best Prospect Sectors in South Africa

Best Prospects

Opportunities for U.S. exporters and investors in South Africa reflect the growth of its consumer base and its efforts to upgrade and develop its infrastructure to match and further fuel its economic growth.

Factors benefiting U.S. exporters include:

  • A sophisticated banking sector;
  • Infrastructure improvements;
  • South Africa serves as a gateway to other countries in Southern Africa;
  • U.S- branded goods continue to gain market share;
  • South African Government-owned utilities such as Eskom (electric power) and Transnet (transportation) have formalized capital expenditure plans for over $50billion over the next five years; and
  • The awarding to South Africa of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer championship has resulted in over $2 billion in improvements and investment in sporting facilities and other infrastructure.

In general, the best prospects for exports are in capital goods, opportunity exists in a wide range of consumer products and services as well. Of particular note are:

  • Electrical Power Systems;
  • Telecommunication Services;
  • Aviation;
  • Automotive Components;
  • Transportation, Infrastructure and Civil Construction;
  • Franchising;
  • Alternative Energy;
  • Safety/Security Equipment;
  • Pollution Control Equipment;
  • Mining Equipment;
  • Telecommunications Equipment; and
  • Information Technology.