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U.S. Dept. Of Commerce Programs/Activities Available To You at IDEM 2014

1. Broadcast Service

We are pleased to inform you that IDEM (International Dental Exhibition & Meeting) 2014 is a certified trade event by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Our office will be glad to help publicize your participation at the show and collect leads on your behalf. If you are interested in utilizing our broadcast service, which is provided free to you, please complete the registration below by Monday, March 17, 2014

Based on our experience, exhibitors find it very useful arranging their appointments prior to their arrival for the show. We will endeavor to send you the leads from Singapore firms that express explicit interest in meeting you. You can then contact them directly to schedule a mutually convenient time to meet while you are in Singapore.

2. Market Briefing

Depending on demand, we may hold a breakfast briefing for all U.S. exhibitors on the morning of April 4 (before the show). We are looking to invite an industry speaker to talk about the regulatory framework for medical devices. Kindly indicate in the questionnaire if you are interested in attending this briefing.

3. Follow-Up from IDEM 2012

If you have signed up a representative/agent in Singapore as a result of your participation at IDEM 2012, please let us know. We would be happy to organize a signing ceremony for you and your representative at the breakfast briefing.


Email Ms. Luanne Theseira, Commercial Specialist at Luanne.Theseira@trade.gov or Ms. Sherry Ng, Commercial Assistant at Sherry.Ng@trade.gov

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