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Single Location Promotion

Cost: Please contact us

Delivery: 6 - 8 weeks

Single Location Promotion (SLP) is a fee-based service offered to a U.S. economic development organization (EDO) representing a state, city, town, or region to promote individual jurisdictions as a destination for FDI. Tailor-made events will be organized by FCS posts such as: seminars, presentations, business-to-business meetings, government-to-government meetings, receptions, and other events that enable the U.S. location to promote itself to potential foreign investors. FCS posts will develop a scope of work to propose to the client. The mutually agreed-upon items will be executed by FCS posts. Fees paid by U.S. EDOs are on a cost-recovery basis. The SLP cannot be used by an EDO to request that FCS performs lead generation or matchmaking functions, as they violate geographic neutrality.

To participate in our Single Location Promotion program, please email Mr. Chan Y K at Yiukei.Chan@trade.gov.