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CS Singapore Staff

The U.S. Commercial Service in Singapore is led by Regional Senior Commercial Officer - ASEAN, Margaret Hanson-Muse, and has a staff of four highly qualified trade experts. Please feel free to contact us directly. (Note: Last name is in full CAPS.)

Darrel Ching, Deputy Senior Commercial Officer

Mark O’Grady, Regional Commercial Officer, Southeast Asia

Donald Pearce, Regional Export Control Officer

Ms. Magdelene Sim, Executive Assistant

Ms. TAY Seow Fong, BIS Assistant/Commercial Assistant

Ms. WONG Ai Lan, Budget Analyst

Mr. Arsad Samadi, Clerk/Driver

Help with understanding and Complying with U.S. Export Controls


Mr. Donald Pearce, Regional Export Control Officer

Ms. TAY Seow Fong, BIS Assistant/Commercial Assistant

To learn more about the Bureau of Industry and Security, please see the bottom of this page.

Your Industry Specialists


Ms. CHIA Swee Hoon, Senior Commercial Specialist
Ms. YONG Gim Tim
, Commercial Assistant


Information Technology/Business Services - (telecommunications equipment & services; computers, peripherals & software (home, office); information services; media services; film and media technology & services; advertising & public relations services; franchising; management consulting; legal services; leasing services; employment services; investment services; financial & insurance services; audio equipment, films & video; photographic equipment & supplies)

Consumer Electronics

Standard Issues

Entertainment Venues - Casinos/Theme Parks


NG Haw Cheng, Commercial Specialist
Ms. Nancy GOH
, Commercial Assistant


BUILDING/CONSTRUCTION - (construction equipment and supplies; building products & equipment; architectural/construction/engineering services; sanitation equipment & products; cleaning products and services; commercial laundry equipment; cleaners - commercial/industrial; wipes for commercial use; industrial cleaning services; hand/power tools - construction; real estate; interior decoration);

Environment Protection - (environmental protection technology - recycling, waste management, pollution control; environmental control services);

Sea/Air/Land Transportation - (public transport vehicles, rail; ports & shipbuilding; marine technology; automobiles, trucks, vans; automobiles, automotive parts & services; boats and accessories; airport ground support vehicles; air traffic control equipment; aircraft and parts, avionics; safety & security equipment; defense technology & equipment; transportation services; air-conditioning - cold rooms; commercial fishing equipment; commercial vessels & equipment; aircraft maintenance);



CHAN Yiu Kei, Commercial Specialist
Ms. Jayacely JOSEPH
, Commercial Assistant


Manufacturing & Technology - (materials handling; machine/manufacturing tools and metalworking equipment; paper & printing and graphic arts machinery; plastics & plastics production machinery; chemicals & chemical production machinery; textile machinery; general industrial equipment & supplies; materials technology - advanced materials, composite fibers, ceramics; industrial automation/robotics; industrial process controls; electronic production and test equipment & supplies; electronic components - active/passive, electro-mechanical, sensors; bearings - ball & roller; plant maintenance equipment; hand/power tools - mechanic; hand/power tools - metalworking; fasteners - industrial; heaters - commercial/industrial; heating equipment - industrial; leather processing equipment; rolling mill machinery; rubber products - industrial);

Education/Training - (educational & training services);

Power/Utilities - (utilities; energy - electricity, wind, solar, gas, etc; power generation & distribution; power transmission; pumps, valves, compressors; mechanical power transmission product; smelting equipment; hardware - milled non-ferrous, ferrous);

Travel & Tourism


Ms. Luanne THESEIRA, Commercial Specialist
Ms. Sherry NG
, Commercial Assistant


Health/Medical/Scientific - (dental equipment; medical equipment, supplies, furniture; healthcare services; drugs and pharmaceuticals; vitamins/minerals supplements, health foods; biotechnology; veterinary equipment & supplies; general science & technology; bio-medical equipment maintenance; laboratory and scientific instruments);

Consumer Goods & Services - (apparel; jewelry; leather, fur and footwear; home textiles, fabrics, yarns, textiles & textile products; household consumer goods; giftware, stationery; office and school equipment & supplies; do-it-yourself products/tools; retailing; cosmetics & toiletries; spa equipment/beauty salon equipment & accessories; eyewear; sporting goods, golf, fitness; equestrian goods and outdoor equipment; toys and games; musical instruments; books and periodicals; artwork; pet supplies gardening tools and supplies);

Food Processing, Packing & Services - (processed food; food processing & packaging machinery and equipment; hotel & restaurant equipment; beverage technology; food vending machines, agriculture and forestry machinery; agriculture services; furniture; hotel & restaurant management).

IPR Protection and Enforcement matters:

Peter N. Fowler, Regional Intellectual Property Attaché for Southeast Asia
USPTO/Foreign Commercial Service
U.S. Embassy Bangkok
GPF Witthayu Tower A, Suite 302
93/1 Wireless Road
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel. 662-205-5913
Email: peter.fowler@trade.gov or peter.fowler@uspto.gov


American Embassy, Singapore
U.S. Commercial Service
27 Napier Road
Singapore 258508
Telephone: (65) 6476-9037
Fax: (65) 6476-9080
Email: office.singapore@trade.gov

U.S. Mailing Address:
Commercial Section
Unit 4280 Box 2700
FPO, AP 96507-2700

Bureau of Industry & Security


The BIS mission is to protect U.S. national security, foreign policy, and economic interests by preventing the unauthorized export/reexport of items subject to the Export Administration Act and Regulations. Our priority areas of concern are:

  • Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery (nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile)
  • Terrorism (including designated terrorist organizations and state sponsors of terrorism)
  • Sanctions/embargoes

o Iran

o Syria

o Sudan

o North Korea

o Cuba

o OFAC Specially Designated Nationals & Blocked Persons

  • Unauthorized military end-use
  • Foreign policy/human rights concerns

Issues of particular concern in ASEAN:

  • Transshipment risks and “Red Flags”

o Utilizing a freight forwarder, logistics agency, or business presence near a large transshipment port to facilitate a transaction that would otherwise require a license or be prohibited

o Unaware of local import/export requirements which can lead to unintentional violations

o Unwilling or unable to provide end-use/end-user information

o Last-minute changes in shipping arrangements, routing or delivery address

o Willing to pay top dollar, refusing routine service or warranty registration

o Payment by wire from a third party not otherwise involved in the transaction

  • Due Diligence and Risk Mitigation strategies

o Screen clients against US sanctions lists

§ Consolidated Screening list available at http://export.gov/ecr/eg_main_023148.asp

o Secure an end-user statement from your client

§ Use the Statement by Ultimate Consignee & Purchaser (BIS-711) or make your own on company letterhead with the same data

§ The BIS-711 is available in PDF format at http://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/forms-documents/doc_download/235-bis-711-statement-by-ultimate-consignee-and-purchaser

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