Market Research and Due Diligence

Accurate, up-to-date market intelligence is essential for your company to target the best international market opportunities and make informed business decisions when evaluating potential overseas business partners.

You can leverage the knowledge and resources of the U.S. government by tapping into our vast network of experts, contacts and partners in 80 countries across the globe to get world-class market intelligence.

Most Global Market services are free of charge to all U.S. businesses. However, certain products and services do have a fee. GM fee-based services can be found on our user fee schedule

Customized Market Research (available for a fee)

We can assess the market potential of your product/ services in a given market and prepare a report according to your specific business needs. 

  • Identify and evaluate key market dynamics, opportunities and challenges
  • Address your particular questions regarding the market for your products/services

Learn more about our customized market research program

Order customized market research by contacting your local Export Assistance Center

Due Diligence Reports on Potential Overseas Business Partners (available for a fee)

We can investigate the capabilities, legitimacy and financial strength of a potential overseas business partner and provide useful information gleaned from government, industry and financial contacts, the local press and other sources.

Learn more about our due diligence reports

Order a due diligence report by contacting your local Export Assistance Center

Publicly Accessible Information and Resources (available at no charge)

  • Get Step-by-Step Market Research Tips for finding and assessing markets overseas
  • Check out the Market Research Library to get overviews on doing business in more than 120 countries and profiles of 110 industry sectors
  • Get the latest Trade Data by country, state, commodity, year, and more
  • Tune into a Webinar to hear about new market and industry information
  • Watch a Webcast to learn international business best practices
  • Search our Trade Lead Database to identify potential business leads for your company

Contact the Trade Information Center for help with our publicly accessible information and resources.