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Luciana Marsu

As a graduate and now master student in International Business and Economics my internship at the CS Commercial Service was the perfect opportunity to benefit from the input of specialists who carry activities related to my field of studies and whose expertise helped me widen my perspective and understanding about the real mechanism of collaboration between companies at international level.  

Although my internship lasted only from November until December 2008, it was enough for me to understand the importance of the work carried by the CS team and it was an excellent experience to have the chance of bringing my small contribution to this work.

Among the tasks I have performed I can mention the documentation of public offerings and the creation of a database for cosmetics and pharmaceutical distributors. I was also involved in activities like translation of market intelligence, processing of financial statements and structuring of International Company Profiles. Overall however, my experience meant a lot more than a number of specific assignments.

For anyone interested, I would recommend this internship knowing that I found here very warm and welcoming people, from whom I had a great deal to learn about professionalism, team work and friendship.

CS Intern Luciana Marsu, Student at Bucharest University of Economics  

ciana Marsu

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