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Laura Cruceru

In November 2010 I became part of that team for a month and a half, and have been involved in several projects. Besides the very interesting events I attended in this period and the daily work I had, I also helped organize a special CS seminar – the Procurement Seminar. I feel that my knowledge has broaden, as I got the chance to learn more about sectors I didn’t interact with before, such as Aviation and ICT. During the seminar I helped organize, I also had the honor to shake hands with the US Ambassador in Bucharest, Mr. Mark Gitenstein.

Laura Cruceru

As a future MA in International Studies I feel that the program has enriched my knowledge in what crossing borders and merging cultures for profitable businesses means. The experience will certainly help me in any career I choose.

I recommend the CS internship program to anyone interested not just in perusing a career in this field, but also to those interested to experience a multicultural working environment and being part of a very interesting team of commercial specialists. I would be glad to assist with details about my experience at laurxandra@yahoo.com.

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