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Irina Tudorascu

In November 2009 I received the great news that I had been accepted for an internship at the CS Bucharest. With great excitement, I joined the team for one month, during January 2010, and I can now affirm that this was, with no doubt, an excellent way to spend my winter holiday, by improving my professional skills and learning to work as part of a team.

This internship allowed me to get accustomed with work in the area of commercial relations, international affairs, market research and event organization. My main activity was assisting the preparation of US Vendors’ Day, an event focused on enabling American companies to establish direct contact with several Romanian Airports and invest in their modernization and future development plans.

ina Tudorascu

Other tasks included market research, updating previous reports and translations of market intelligence. I also had the chance to get involved in the preparation of the annual Country Commercial Guide for Romania, which allowed me to better understand certain aspects of the Romanian industry and market, related mostly to private medical services, customs and trade, advertising, publicity, or road infrastructure.

Besides completing my daily tasks, I had the chance to be part of an awesome team, who integrated me from the very first day of internship. They were always ready to help and answer my questions and treated me with respect. What I appreciated the most was that they made me feel as part of their “family”, giving me concrete responsibilities and tasks. Working eight hours a day was suddenly not that difficult, because I was surrounded by true professionals, but in the same time, by friends.

I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in pursuing a career in international trade and commerce, as I believe it is the best way to practically apply the theoretical knowledge gained in class. For me, this was an experience I will remember and value long time from now.

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