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Adrian Anton

As you probably have already supposed, the CS Bucharest Internship Program opens a door to a highly useful activity, for students who wish to develop their careers in directions like diplomacy, big companies, or any type of corporative environment.

As my future projects do not really include (or try to avoid) such activities, I have seen the other side of the things, and understood why this internship is good, even if you are not a fan of classical work types, and you have chosen the alternative of a “freelancer”.

I find this Internship Program very rewarding, as I believe it is a pretty good way of achieving “know-how” on market studying, on typologies of end-users in several domains, for several products and services, it is shown to you how a business-to-business relationship can be developed at a high level, things that cannot be learned in the university (or at least not as well as here), neither in a big corporation, where you can only have routine jobs at this age, and nor in jumpstarts, where partners use to ask delicate things, like the turnover of the last two years and so on.

I have had the occasion to see how a good business plan is made and how the national market responsiveness can be tested, in domains like transport, radio communications etc.

rian Anton

The days I have spent at the US Commercial Service in Bucharest were during the period of organizing two major events, the BSDA 2008 and the AAAE in Athens.

The Black Sea Defense and Aerospace 2008 was on my list of interests concerning exhibitions, conferences and other such events, as I have been working a couple of years as a Logistics Manager at the largest international university fair in Romania. BSDA was for me the next level, the step further, the occasion to take part in the backstage of a larger and more important event, as all the organizing part and the promotion activity is actually very similar, even if we are comparing a military exhibition with an education fair.

AAAE was also a meeting that taught me how to communicate with leaders and top businessmen, in a very effective way. I suppose there is no other such opportunity, as a student, or as a young employee, anywhere on the labour market.

As a conclusion, I am wholeheartedly thankful to all the people working in the CS Bucharest, for all I have been learning in just one month and I hope I will have the occasion to work with this organization in the future, too.

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