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American-Romanian Business Council Delegation

The American-Romanian Business Council (AMRO) was set up in January 2012 by 12 US multinational companies including Cargill, Chevron and Exxon Mobil.

Eight of the AMRO U.S. companies, many of which have representative offices in Romania sent their executives to participate in the AMRO Trade Mission to Bucharest. The trade mission took place November 7-9, 2012 in Bucharest.

The American-Romanian Business Council (AMRO) met with the Romanian President Traian Basescu and PM Victor Ponta to assess the domestic investment opportunities, as part of its initial mission to Romania.

During their meetings with AMRO participants, the Romanian officials acknowledged that the current political and military relations between the two countries are excellent. Romania and the US signed last year in Washington the Strategic Partnership for the 21st century, which focuses on defense, energy, education and investments.

Officials also stressed the need to increase bilateral economical relationships. The value of American investments in Romania hovers around USD 970 million, making it the twelfth largest foreign investor in the country.

CS Bucharest assisted AMRO trade mission by organizing a pre-briefing meeting offered by the US Embassy officials to the AMRO trade mission participants and by orchestrating a reception at the Ambassador’s residence. CS Bucharest was also instrumental in facilitating  one on one meetings between the US companies reps and the Romanian officials from various relevant ministries.

Photo: Lucian Crusoveanu, U.S. Embassy Bucharest

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