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Nuclear Industry Promotion Program in Romania

A senior delegation of U.S. civil nuclear executives just completed a two-day industry promotion program in Romania, with highly favorable reports of the potential for Romanian-U.S. cooperation in this field. 

Despite the recent Fukushima event, Romania remains committed to nuclear energy development. According to a recently released Government energy strategy, Romania targets a level of energy production of more than 20,000 MW by 2035, of which 42% will be nuclear.

The event organized by the U.S. Embassy’s Commercial Service in partnership with SN Nuclearelectrica SA presented a unique opportunity for U.S. companies specialized in this industry to showcase their technologies and services to high-level Romanian government decision-makers through a two-day program of receptions, briefings, individual meetings and site visits. The American companies included Babcock and Wilcox, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company, GE Energy, Westinghouse and the law firm of Pillsbury-Winthrop-Shaw-Pittman, represented by their local affiliate, Wolf-Theiss.

The delegation met in Bucharest with senior representatives of key government organizations, including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, SN Nuclearelectrica SA, Energonuclear SA, CNCAN, the Nuclear Agency and Radioactive Waste Management and CITON.

The delegation concluded with a visit to the Cernavoda nuclear plant operated by SN Nuclearelectrica. The delegation, accompanied by H.E. Mark Gitenstein, U.S. Ambassador to Romania, toured operating reactor units 1 and 2, and learned about the construction plans of Units 3 and 4.

Ambassador Gitenstein stated: “At a time when some European countries are freezing or abandoning plans for more nuclear energy, Romania has remained committed to staying on the leading edge of nuclear technology. The high technical competence of Romania’s nuclear energy industry will insure that it succeeds. The companies present here today have been involved in all aspects of the nuclear industry for many years, and come to Romania as peers for an exchange between professionals.”


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