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Orly International

On June 21 thru 22, 2010, CS Bucharest’s TS Corina Gheorghisor conducted a two day GKS for Orly International. Orly International is the second largest manufacturer of nail care products in the United States. The US Company was looking for a company that had been in business for more than 3 years, has sales people or sub-distributors they work with, and has an established account base with a proven track record of success. TS Gheorghisor identified 6 Romanian companies fit to meet Orly requirements. Following the meetings in Bucharest, Bob Hobe, Vice President Int. Business Development Orly Int’l made the announcement that a distribution contract for Orly products was concluded with ROWE Romania.


Corina Gheorghisor
Commercial Specialist
U.S. Commercial Service Bucharest
U.S. Embassy
Phone: 40-21-200-3397
Fax: 40-21-316-06-90
Email: Corina.Gheorghisor@trade.gov

Orly International

ROWE Team happy to work with Orly International

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