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Monday, October 15, 2012



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Orange and T-Mobile in race for NFC market

Poland’s two major mobile operators – Orange and T-Mobile – are in a race for an early leadership in mobile payment services based on the NFC technology (Near Field Communication). Proximity payments via mobile phones is an innovative sector promising high profits for the operator which will be first to introduce safe and convenient solutions and sign agreements with the highest number of banks. Today, Orange will present its approach towards the NFC payments technology. Telefonia Cyfrowa (T-Mobile) won’t stay much behind, though, as it will show its solutions as soon as this Thursday. Today’s press conference of Orange will be held in cooperation with MasterCard and mBank. Some 7 million Poles currently own a smartphone, but only several tens of thousands of these devices support proximity payments. Analysts estimate that this segment is about to increase very rapidly, though.

. Parkiet, p.4

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